Team Rubicon’s New York and New Jersey relief work supported by FBB


Team RubiconTeam Rubicon shared this report to tell us how they used funds donated by the Foundation Beyond Belief community during our Superstorm Sandy Humanist Crisis Response. The FBB community raised $13,750 to support Team Rubicon’s efforts in US Superstorm Sandy relief.

Team Rubicon (TR) is grateful to Foundation Beyond Belief for your generous donation of $13,750 toward Hurricane Sandy relief. Your quick fundraising response contributed to Team Rubicon’s ability to deploy over 350 military veterans to New York and New Jersey, who in turn organized over 10,000 spontaneous community volunteers. Team Rubicon completed over 900 work orders, saving the community an estimated $3,825,000, and making this TR’s largest operation to date.

Team Rubicon Superstorm Sandy ReliefThanks to FBB’s generous grant, TR was able to purchase two trailers that were used throughout the Sandy Operation. While responding to Sandy, the two trailers allowed TR to:

  • Accept more gear donations because we had a place to store equipment in a locked location each night.
  • Travel with gear between sites, giving TR the opportunity to help homeowners in more remote locations.

The trailers are also a gift that will keep on giving! Post-Sandy, we relocated the trailers (filled to the brim with donated equipment) to our Region 6 and 7 offices in Dallas and Kansas City. Due to weather conditions, these are our most active regions, so it’s crucial to have trailers that can transport equipment when disaster strikes. The trailers are also serving as storage, eliminating the need to rent space and saving TR an additional $1,200 per year.

Team Rubicon is humbled by Foundation Beyond Belief’s support, and we look forward to future collaboration!

Joanne Dennis, Director of Programs
Team Rubicon