Food Security Project Food Security Project

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Team Introduction:

Our activities include:

 Erosion Control techniques in crop fields,
 Reforestation campaigns to adapt to change climate
 The expansion of ponds and reservoirs to save water for gardening and livestock,
 The creation of grain banks
 Practice of Assisted Natural Regeneration in fields

Immediate goals:

1. To support one group each month with food and tools for expanding ponds
2. Organize awareness sessions for management committees on the response to ongoing challenges linked to climate change. These are education sessions for the members of the village committees on various themes, for example, when rainfall is bad, harvests decrease, so it’s necessary consider how to collect rainwater and do vegetable gardening activities. We will make presentations around disaster prevention so that everyone practices the appropriate measures.


Olouguelemo Activities August 2023

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Olouguelemo Activities March 2023

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