Thank you from the Haitian Health Foundation


“Thank you Foundation Beyond Belief for your generous donation of $1,995 to the Haitian Health Foundation (HHF). The donations of your members are going directly to purchase food and medicine for the survivors of the January 12th earthquake in Port-au-Prince who have journeyed 140 miles to the catchment area of the Haitian Health Foundation in Jérémie.

“Prior to the earthquake, HHF routinely cared for over 200,000 people in Jérémie and 105 rural mountain villages. The arriving refugees swelled the numbers to well over 300,000. This is an enormous challenge, and an expensive one. Because of the generosity of good people like the membership of Foundation Beyond Belief, we are able to sustain this life-giving work.

“In the long-term, our [food source] preference is the locally-produced Akamil, a mixture made from grinding beans, rice, and corn into a digestible high-protein food. Over the years, HHF has built five Akamil production plants locally. This reduces shipping costs, shortens delivery times, provides jobs to those who manufacture and deliver the food, and supports the local economy by purchasing raw materials from area farmers.

“We have also continued to support the establishment of microbusinesses for displaced women and to operate HHF’s St. Pierre School, adding a second session each day for youngsters displaced by the quake.

“We are able to provide these services to these poorest neighbors only because good people like you care, share, and reach out with a generous hand.”

With appreciation,

Jeremiah J Lowney, Jr. DDS, MS, MPH

President, Haitian Health Foundation