The first million


Achievement UnlockedLess than four years after our founding, Foundation Beyond Belief’s humanist members, supporters, and partners have achieved an incredible milestone: $1 million in charitable giving. Combining donations to our Humanist Giving program, the Humanist Crisis Response program, our Small Grant awardees, and our Leukemia & Lymphona Society Light The Night International team, Foundation Beyond Belief’s humanist community has unlocked the seven-digit achievement.

“What moves me most about reaching this goal is the way it’s been achieved,” said Dale McGowan, FBB’s founder and executive director. “Our goal was to encourage individual humanists to make compassionate giving a greater part of their humanist identity. And though we’ve had some very generous large donors, most of this million-dollar achievement has happened five and ten and twenty dollars at a time—over a thousand individual humanists giving what they can each month to make the world a better place.”

Here’s what a million dollars can do:

It would take a million words to thank you, our members and supporters, for coming together and proving that the humanist community is compassionate and actively engaged in improving this life for all people. And this is just the first million. Every month, FBB members donate about $18,000 to our carefully screened beneficiaries and programs—and that number is constantly growing. We’re already well on our way to raising a million more in the name of compassionate humanism. We’re glad you’re along for the ride.

Not yet a member? Join now for as little as $5 a month and help us raise the next million! Special thanks to Ensomniak for creating our “Achievement Unlocked” meme.