The growing tide of Atheists Helping the Homeless


Atheists Helping the Homeless DFWIn September 2009, a group of atheists in Austin, Texas, sought to live out their humanism in helping an invariably maligned segment of their community: the homeless. For more than three years now, Atheists Helping the Homeless (AHH) has met weekly, in downtown Austin, to give back to the less fortunate living under the 1-35 freeway. 

Now, freethinkers around Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas, have founded AHH’s first chapter outside of Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth Atheists Helping the Homeless (DFW AHH), for people in the area seeking a non-proselytizing alternative to reaching out to the homeless and impoverished citizens with whom they share a community. 

Atheists Helping the HomelessDFW AHH was founded by LaDonna Davies, who grew up in homeless shelters across Dallas and later returned to anonymously volunteer for many of them after she’d left the foster care system. She finds this imbues in her a “personal connection to the homeless of Dallas,” and she and her fellow leaders believe in “leading by example and encouraging all people to help those less fortunate.”

The DFW AHH has already had its first giveaway, and it was a tremendous success, mustering more than two dozen volunteers. As with any up-and-coming organization, though, they need our help, and our donations, to keep going. You can learn how to support the DFW AHH by visiting their website.

You can learn more about AHH as they continue to expand by connecting with them on Facebook or Twitter, or visiting their blog.