Top 10 Things More Fun Than Filing Your Taxes


April Fool’s Day, April showers, and… Tax Day. Maybe not everything about April is sunshine and rainbows, but Foundation Beyond Belief can help you bring a little more light into the world with this month’s Top 10 list. Below are 10 things that are more fun than filing taxes—after all, what’s more fun than doing good?

#10: Get Thready for Spring


Clean out your closets and sell your old duds on a consignment website. Donate the proceeds to your favorite humanist charity (*wink wink*)!

#9: Get your hands dirty—literally!


Prep beds or plant crops at a community garden. In a few months’ time, your hard work will help provide nourishing foods to your neighbors in need.

#8: Make Every Day Earth Day


Pick an earth-friendly habit and commit to sticking with it until next Earth Day. Bring your reusable bags to the grocery store, use a hankie instead of tissues, whatever works best for you. (And then pick another habit to add when you're ready!)

#7: Take Action!

Participate in the Week of Action, that is. Do a solo project or plan a group activity. This is a great opportunity to accomplish a whole lotta good, together!

#6: Go the Extra Mile


Do a trail clean-up at your favorite park or roadside clean-up along the freeway. Don’t forget to pack a pair of gloves!

#5: Do Good, Right Meow


Help out a furry, feathered, or scaly friend (sorry, we really tried to keep going with the alliteration). Volunteer at an animal shelter, foster a pet, or adopt a sidekick.

#4: Pick a Cause, Any Cause


Well, any cause that matters to you. Spend the month learning more about an issue you care about, and commit to doing at least one thing to help advance that cause. Whether it’s raising money, planning a service event, or calling your elected leaders, you can help make a difference.

#3: Sit at the Cool Kids' Table


Chip in with a group of friends to pay off debt for reduced-cost student lunches at your local schools. You can have a huge impact this way, since the per-meal cost is usually quite low. 

#2: Be a Bleeding Heart


Make an appointment to donate blood, especially if you have a less common blood type.

#1: Network!


Join a local Beyond Belief Network team so you can do service projects more often! Alone time is nice, but we can accomplish a lot more good in the world when we work together. No BBN teams where you live? FBB will help you start one!