Top Ten Signs of Spring—FBB Style!


March 20th was officially the first day of spring, and at Foundation Beyond Belief we are welcoming it with open arms! Here are our top ten signs of spring, as represented by some of our Humanist Grants beneficiaries over the years.

#10: The Sun is Shining

Say goodbye to those gray winter days and hello, sun! Time to pump up the bicycle tires and go for a spin around the block with Everybody Solar. One of their current projects is bringing solar power to Boise, Idaho, where the cost savings from electricity bills is being used to provide refurbished bikes to kids. Here comes the sun, indeed!

#9: It's Starting to Warm Up Outside

But Cool Earth is working hard to combat climate change by protecting rainforests. Supporting the people and communities living in and around tropical rainforests is very, very cool.

#8: Plants Start Growing

Who doesn’t love seeing those first green leaves push their way through the ground in spring? And how incredible is it that SOIL transforms waste into…well…soil! They’ve solved major sanitation problems AND created awesome organic compost in Haiti, all having a huge positive impact on quality of life there.

#7: Eggs Hatch

*Tap Tap* *Crack Crack* No chocolate eggs here – that’s the sound of baby turtles hatching. Thanks to EcoViva and their Mangrove Alliance, these little guys have a habitat that is safe and protected. Just keep swimming!

#6: Animals Are Born

These little fellas aren’t just cute (which of course they are). Once they're old enough, our four-legged friends at APOPO will start learning to sniff out landminesand tuberculosis! These HeroRATs, as they’re called, are cared for with kindness and compassion by the staff at APOPO, and in turn they help return safe land back to communities and help free people from serious illness. That sounds pretty heroic to us!

#5: Birds Are Flying

Wait, that's not a bird… Among their many amazing areas of focus, EcoHealth Alliance has a bat conservation program dedicated to protecting bats while also studying the viruses they often carry, some of which can impact human populations.

#4: Let's Try That Again… Birds Are Flying!

We guess technically in this case the birds are swimming and waddling, not flying. But the Wildlife Conservation Network has helped protect 38.5 million (!!!!) acres of habitat for penguins, so we hope you can cut our tuxedoed friends some slack on the whole flying thing.

#3: Birds Are Flying: Part Three

You know what, forget the birds! LightHawk’s volunteer pilots fly planes with some very special passengers. Professional photographers, environmental experts, and storytellers all work together to capture photos, data, and stories to help save the earth one flight at a time. And really, who wouldn’t want to save something so beautiful?

#2: Bees Are Buzzing

Lots of bees are buzzing in the Northern Region of Ghana thanks to Songtaba and their beekeeping program, which is one facet of a larger program designed to provide food security and combat the effects of climate change. Now that’s a program to be proud of in every season!

#1: Kids Are Playing Outside

Kids love playing in the snow, but when cabin fever starts to set in, we’re ALL ready for spring! Once winter finally gives way to those first warm spring days, we all start dreaming of summers spent at Camp Quest, where the littlest humanists play and learn together. And that really puts a spring in our step!

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