Uganda Humanist Schools Trust is expanding access to humanist education


Uganda Humanist Schools TrustUganda Humanist Schools Trust has twice been featured as FBB’s Education beneficiary (in 2010 and 2011). We’re pleased to hear about their recent successes in bringing humanist education to students in Uganda.

  • UHST hosted their first teacher conference, bringing together teachers and support staff from four humanist school campuses to discuss best practices, share teaching strategies, and demonstrate technology for the classrooms. According to Steve Hurd, “The conference was hailed as a great success. Teachers from Mustard Seed School had travelled seven hours to reach Isaac Newton School and the two from Kasese Humanist Primary School had undertaken a five-hour journey by bus. It was the furthest distance most of the teachers had travelled from their home regions and, as such, the journey alone proved a great adventure. Meeting teachers from other schools led to new friendships being formed and the professional learning taking place was tangible.”
  • The Mustard Seed School in Busota recently completed construction of a new dormitory for girls (previously, some girls had been staying in makeshift bunks in unfinished classrooms), a pumped water storage system, and new toilets, greatly improving the living conditions at the school.
  • UHST is making big changes at the Mbute Campus of Isaac Newton High School. This school site had previously been home to two unsuccessful humanist schools, but UHST has a plan in place to create a sustainable program. Enrollment levels for this year are good, but the school faces many challenges. The first order of business has been rehabilitating the existing school buildings and adding essential infrastructure, including building new toilets and a kitchen and finding a way to get electricity to the school. UHST is currently fundraising for these building projects. If you’d like to support their efforts, click here.