Four Ways to Support Vulnerable Ukrainians


Since Russia has launched a large-scale attack on Ukraine, more than 500,000 people have been forced to flee their houses; many others have been hiding out in bomb shelters. As we have witnessed during this conflict and others across the world, war brings insurmountable destruction and far-reaching consequences that will be seen for decades to come. Countless people have lost their lives and their homes, families have been torn apart, and future generations will be impacted. Right now, these families, women, children, marginalized groups, refugees, and other vulnerable Ukrainians are in urgent need of your support.

Northwest Chicagoland Humanist Crew, a team in our volunteer network is collecting clothing, shoes, and blankets for Ukrainian refugees in Poland. To donate, collect items in a cardboard box and click here to buy a shipping label.  

You can also help by making cash donations to these organizations:

  • Razom for Ukraine has one of the most active Ukrainian-American volunteer networks and has historically worked in Ukraine on causes such as medical access and education. The Emergency Response project is currently focusing on providing much-needed medical supplies. With their large network, they’ve been able to quickly build a procurement team that purchases life-saving supplies across the US and Europe. Additionally, their years of work with volunteers and organizations in Ukraine has helped them to build a logistics team that’s able to transport our supplies from Warsaw, Poland to Ukraine.
  • OutRight Action International is an advocacy and education group that is currently supporting LGBTQIA Ukrainians who are in need of safety and shelter during the fighting.
  • Mutual Aid Group has arisen as a grassroots attempt by European citizens to support those impacted by Russia’s invasion. This group connects individuals with organizations who can help them, and many have further opened up their homes to Ukrainian refugees.

-Tif Ho, Executive Director