Understanding the Syrian refugee crisis


Humanist Crisis Response

Millions of Syrian refugees have been displaced by the violent conflict in their home country and are in need of help, but humanitarian agencies have received less than half of the funding they need to provide basic refugee assistance. Foundation Beyond Belief’s Humanist Crisis DonateResponse program is raising funds for International Rescue Committee to support their Syrian refugee relief efforts. To contribute, click here. As of Wednesday morning, our humanist community has raised $9,308 for this crisis.

Tens of thousands of new refugees have crossed from Syria into Iraq, and the IRC is working to provide necessities such as water and sanitation. They place an emphasis on assisting the most vulnerable, including mothers with young children.

Click on the image below for an infographic that explains how the how the Syrian crisis got to where it is now, and who the refugees are. Nearly one-third of Syrians have been displaced from their homes, and half of the refugees are children.

Understanding the Syrian refugee crisis

To learn more about this crisis, click here or visit the IRC’s Syrian Crisis Storify. To donate, click here.