The elected keyholders of one of a Kukuo Savings Groups convenes.

Progress in the Kukuo savings group


Lukeman, a Humanist Action: Ghana volunteer, visited the Kukuo savings groups recently, and was very happy with the progress. More and more people are expressing interest in the program. During his visit, there wasn't much for Lukeman to do, as the executives are on top of any issues that have come up. Still, the groups want Lukeman to remain involved to guide the progress of the project and identify any potential new avenues for growth.

To keep the member's savings secure, the savings box has three locks with keys given to three different people. The box itself is stored in a third person's home. In the photo above, the three key keepers are opening the box to add this week's contributions. After the contributions are collected, counted and added to the box, the savings box is locked for the week.