Volunteers arrive in Ghana for Humanist Action: Ghana


The new volunteers for our third Humanist Action: Ghana team have arrived in Yendi, and orientation has begun. After introductions, Baako Alhassan began their training with Dagbanli language lessons. Lukeman Domba then facilitated a session detailing the history of the Northern Region of Ghana, land demarcation of Ghana, and cross cultural differences. In this photo on the left, Lukeman is finishing his lecture on the land divisions among ethnolinguistic groups in Ghana.

 Baako giving lessons in dagbanliHere, on the right, we see Baako giving lessons in dagbanli, covering basics like greetings and making purchases in the market. Later lessons included information on chieftaincy and politics in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Outgoing volunteers Warren and Jude also had a discussion of The Humanist Action: Ghana and the meaning of humanist service. To learn more about humanist service, please click here to read this earlier piece by FBB's Conor Robinson.

Lukeman talking about festivals in GhanaOn the HA: Ghana team's most recent day of orientation, they moved to HA: Ghana coordinator Cleo's home for the day. Here we see Lukeman talking about festivals in Ghana. Last year the fire festival was one of the group's favorite experiences. There will be many opportunities this year for the incoming team to experience the various festivals and get to know the vibrant culture of Ghana even more!