Volunteers Beyond Belief grows by two more teams and 200 new volunteers


Volunteers Beyond BeliefLast week, Volunteers Beyond Belief proudly introduced three of our new teams. This week we are proud to introduce the final two making up the next expansion of this national volunteer initiative. These two teams continue to strengthen locations where we currently have teams and add 200 additional volunteers contributing to the greater good.

These two teams push VBB to more than 2,200 volunteers across the country, spanning 23 states. The enthusiasm of our new teams and the experience of our current teams will continue to push this program to new heights as humanists come together to make their communities a better place.

VBB looks forward to working with each one of our new teams and all of the other groups to continue to highlight and promote volunteerism efforts. Welcome the final two new teams!

Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) Non-Theist Group from Augusta, GA, stands strong at 110 members and quickly growing, doubling in size within one year. The group formed to provide a network of non-theists in the Central Savannah River area. Their goals are

CSRA Non-Theist Group•    To eliminate negative stereotypes of nonbelievers
•    To meet like-minded forward-thinkers in the CSRA
•    To give support to fellow non-theists
•    To have intelligent, open discussions about any topic, including but not limited to philosophy and politics

They are joining VBB to look for additional ways to give back to the community. Many of their members are already involved in CampQuest and other community projects, and they are looking to take on more projects to first showcase the group as being responsible citizens and for members to have some projects to take on and accomplish as a group.

Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and HumanistsCampus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists (CASH) from Minneapolis, MN, is the primary skeptical group at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. They are also one of the oldest skeptical college groups in the United States. CASH is extremely active and hosts discussions, debates, and speakers, as well as promoting volunteerism and organizing conferences (SkepTech is coming up in April).

They have 90 members and find the mission of VBB fits perfectly with their active student group that is poised to do volunteer events. Previous activity has included Relay for Life, human rights-related events, and clothing drives.