Want a better world? Don’t look to the sky – it’s up to us.


Last week, Foundation Beyond Belief announced the new Pathfinders Project, a year-long international service and research trip sponsored by FBB. As they complete clean water, education, and human rights projects in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, the Pathfinders will collect data on each country and partner organization with the ultimate goal of evaluating sites for the forthcoming Humanist Action: Ghana.

FBB’s goal is to express the humanist worldview in charitable work, and while we will always maintain our strong basis in the Humanist Giving and Crisis Response programs, branching out into more exciting projects like this can only help to strengthen our collective humanist voice.

To raise the funds for more projects like this, we need your help. Our members are the strongest core of our fundraising efforts, and the more we have, the louder our voice gets.

Our membership drive is running for only a few more days, until April 21. We are asking you to simply reach out to a friend or family member and encourage them to join FBB, whether it’s over email or just a cup of coffee. If you’ve been following FBB for a while, now is the time to join!

Want a better world? Don’t look to the sky – it’s up to us.

See our member drive blog post for more details about joining FBB and inviting your friends to join.