War Child uses FBB funds to educate and support children in need


War ChildFourth-quarter 2011 peace beneficiary War Child gave us this report about how they are using the funds contributed by members of Foundation Beyond Belief. Members donated $3,375 to War Child last quarter.

At the very core of War Child’s overseas programming is the belief that for a community to experience a robust recovery following conflict, the community itself must drive the process. War Child’s role is as a facilitator and capacity builder. We can help individuals improve their skills to better access opportunities for personal growth. This is not only for those young people who attend our programs but also our staff overseas, 95% of whom are recruited from the community.

War Child

Your support has helped War Child accomplish the following:

Democratic Republic of Congo: Access to Education 

  • 291 teachers from 28 different schools have been trained in proper teaching techniques using a War Child-created training guide entitled Le Bon Enseignant (The Good Teacher). This manual includes child-centered learning techniques and accounts for national teaching standards of the DRC.
  • Over 11,000 children in 38 schools have been provided with access to safe spaces in which to attend classes. 

Ethiopia: Support for Children Orphaned by AIDS

  • Over 150 children orphaned by AIDS in Ethiopia have been enrolled in an educational and skills-building program that provides training to the eldest child in order to earn employment while providing school fees for their younger siblings.
  • A girls’ group has been established that offers girls a safe and supportive forum where they can discuss important health and social issues. Their peers and the wider community also benefit as the group generates and distributes information pamphlets from their meetings.

Uganda: Legal Protection for Women and Children

  • Over 100,000 community members in northern Uganda have been sensitized on children’s rights.
  • Over 1,000 legal protection actors (police officers, health workers, local councilors, probation officers, and lawyers) have been trained on women’s and children’s rights and Sexual Gender-Based Violence response.
  • Over 2,000 survivors of Sexual Gender-Based Violence have sought legal redress and representation for the violations of these rights.

Other program highlights

  • Twelve child-friendly centers have been built in rural cities outside of Jacmel and Port-au-Prince in Haiti that provide access to education, professional training, and a safe space for children, youth, and parents in the communities.
  • 600 women have been trained in numeracy, literacy, and business skills in Afghanistan, providing them with an opportunity to start their own business in order to support their families.
  • 20,000 internally displaced youth and street children were provided with safe and secure spaces in Darfur.

The children and families who rely on War Child programs could not rely on us if we could not rely on the kindness and generosity of supporters such as Foundation Beyond Belief. Thank you.

Chelsea Lloyd
Donor Relations Officer
War Child Canada