What to do if there’s no Light The Night Walk near you


FBB LLS Light The Night

Interested in joining Foundation Beyond Belief’s Light The Night team, which raised $430,000 for cancer research last year? Chances are there’s already a team in your area. To find it, when you register with Light The Night, on the first page select “join a team” and on the second page search for “FBB.” Or go to the team page and browse the list of teams at the bottom of the page. If you’re still having trouble locating a team in your area, check out a list of established teams hosted on our website, listed alphabetically by state.

But even if there’s not a team near you, we’ve still got you covered. If you are in a U.S. or Canadian local group that is not near an LTN Walk, please contact Breanna Baer and she will assign your group to a walk for which your group will be able to fundraise. You don’t have to attend the nearest walk; you can host your own walk! If you’re interested in help planning your own walk, email the FBB Light The Night staff or join the Beyond Belief Network Facebook group and download our DIY walk guide.

If you are in an international group outside the U.S and Canada that would like to create a fundraising team, please contact Breanna Baer and she will help you create a team as part of our international “virtual team.”

If you are not a part of a local group or live outside of the U.S. and Canada, you can still independently join the FBB team as a “virtual walker.” Click here to join the FBB “virtual team.”