Who’s Helping in the Horn?


ethiopiaThe United Nations has estimated that $2.4 billion dollars in aid is needed to provide relief to the victims of the devastating famine in the Horn of Africa. To date, 61 percent of the needed amount has been pledged by national governments.

ONE.org has compiled data on which countries are contributing, how much they are contributing, and what percentage that represents of their fair share (based on GDP and annual UN contribution).

Among national governments, the U.S. has so far contributed the largest dollar amount worldwide at $546.5 milion, a good percentage of fair share (80%). Among the more generous countries in fair share terms are Canada (110%), Australia (129%), Germany (131%), Spain (138%), and the Netherlands (154%).

Lagging behind in fair share are such countries as Japan (34%), France (31%), S. Korea (12%), Italy (11%), Austria (9%), and Portugal (0.7%).

When it comes to international aid in this crisis, the superpowers of compassion are Finland (172% of its share), Norway (200%), The United Kingdom (223%), Denmark (323%), and Sweden, which has contributed a whopping 341% of its fair share.

The data in the current crisis seem to support the observation that countries with a more secular identity and culture tend to devote a larger portion of the national budget to international assistance. But when it comes to individual giving, the U.S. and Ireland, both countries with high religious identity, rank near the top.

Is your country coming through in this crisis? CLICK HERE and choose “Needs Your Help” to view the interactive map – then contact your national leaders to urge their support for relief efforts in the Horn of Africa

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