Wildlife Conservation Network Helps Communities Coexist with Wildlife


Third-quarter animal protection beneficiary Wildlife Conservation Network gave us this report about how they are using the funds contributed by members of Foundation Beyond Belief. Members donated $2,385 to WCN last quarter.

A big thank you from the Wildlife Conservation Network for Foundation Beyond Belief’s gift of $2,385 last quarter! WCN is a unique organization that provides U.S.-based administrative and fundraising support to 13 wildlife conservation projects around the world. Our partner conservationists live directly with local communities working to find strategies that allow humans and wildlife to coexist and thrive.

The funds from Foundation Beyond Belief will directly support our conservation work overseas. Here are just a few of the programs that will benefit from this incredible gift:

  • In Uzbekistan, the Saiga Conservation Alliance is working with the government to create the first national park to protect the critically endangered saiga antelope.
  • Cheetah Conservation Botswana provides farmers with livestock guard dogs that scare away cheetahs that would otherwise be shot and killed to protect cattle.
  • Proyecto Titi in Colombia teaches women how to earn income from weaving beautiful bags made from plastic so they won’t have to exploit the forest home of the rare and tiny cotton-top tamarin.

Thanks to the generosity of FFB’s members, WCN will continue its work to conserve endangered wildlife around the world.

Julia Darcey
Program Manager, Wildlife Conservation Network