Will you meet the challenge?


Ten Years.

Over $3 million in grants awarded to charities around the world.

Over 150,000 volunteer hours given to service in local communities.

Foundation Beyond Belief is so much more than these numbers. In ten years, we’ve helped rebuild communities devastated after hurricanes, earthquakes, and typhoons. We’ve helped bring hope and independence to women accused of witchcraft in Ghana. We’ve seen communities transform through the work being done by our beneficiary charities.

We’ve worked with humanists across the globe to make the world a better place.

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, FBB has a challenge: beginning in March, we're looking for ten new monthly supporters for each of the next ten months remaining in 2019. Monthly support is the very best way to ensure FBB can continue for another ten years.

Can we count on you to be one of our 10-in-10? Give now!