Wrapping up our inaugural quarter


Many thanks to our founding members, who donated a total of $12,505 to our featured charities in the first quarter of 2010. The final distribution was as follows: 

Education: Point Foundation $1,640
Poverty: Water for People $1,490
Environment: Global Green USA $1,275
Child Welfare: War Child UK $1,250
Health: HealthRight International $1,200  
Big Bang: SMART Recovery $1,175
Animal Protection: Wildlife Trust $1,145
Foundation Beyond Belief  $1,135
Human Rights: Bergen County Sanctuary Committee $1,120
Peace: Refugees International $1,075

More than one hundred new members have joined us in the days since the new quarter began—and there’s always room for more, so keep spreading the word!

Keep an eye on this page for frequent updates about the work of our featured charities and for posts featuring the voices of Foundation members and a variety of guest bloggers.

And members, don’t forget: NOMINEES FOR THIRD QUARTER ARE NOW OPEN FOR DISCUSSION in the FBB Forums. Add your voice to help us build the best possible slate for July 1!