Young adults of faith are educated to become advocates for reproductive freedom


Religious Coalition for Reproductive ChoiceBy Micah Weiss, Humanist Giving intern

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, our fourth-quarter Challenge the Gap beneficiary, is an interfaith group that provides faith leaders, young activists, and congregations from more than 10 different faiths with knowledge, resources, and skills to address their faith community with information regarding reproductive choice.

Few debates are as loud as the one over reproductive choice. Extreme rhetoric often silences people of faith who believe in reproductive justice. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice organizes an interfaith group of people and ensures their voices are heard within the faith community. One way that RCRC is aiming to make the reproductive justice movement more inclusive is through a special program for young adults called Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom (SYRF).

SYRF, pronounced “surf,” enables the next generation of advocates with training and tools to sponsor events. Young adults are trained with the skills needed to get involved in promoting reproductive rights, including the controversial abortion debate, and to dive deeper into the faith community with their message. They speak out for comprehensive sexual education, HIV/AIDS prevention, reproductive freedom, and LGBT rights. The aim of the program is for young adults to bring this conversation to their campuses and communities at large. At the University of Southern Florida, SYRF sponsored The Condom Carnival, a fun and educational event using themed games to teach about safe sex.

You can learn more about RCRC’s unique perspectives here and watch a SYRF training seminar here.