BBN Teams — Help Keep FBB Going for Another Year!


bbn-logo-FINAL-400pxThe whole year, FBB works hard to raise funds for other organizations: for our tremendous slate of charities in our Humanist Giving program, for organizations responding to disasters around the globe, and most recently for the the phenomenal Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative as part of our Compassionate Impact Grant Program.

But come the end of the year, we ask our supporters to help us raise funds for FBB itself, to keep us on our feet and put a humanist face to charitable giving and volunteering for another year. Our internal programs, including BBN and the Humanist Action: Ghana, desperately need funding to continue helping dedicated humanists work toward a better world. Please help us continue to expand our programming and reach. If you’d like to find out more about how FBB uses its funds, take a look at our most recent financial information.

BBN teams can help!

For BBN teams, raising funds for FBB counts as a Foundation Partners Program (FPP) event, which is a fantastic way to level up your team more quickly: Two FPP events can take you from Level 0 to Level 1, or Level 1 to Level 2. Why not consider hosting an FPP event as part of FBB’s year-end drive, and help us to meet our funding goals for our programming in 2015?

Although there are many options available for you to host an FPP event (check out our recent guide on Concerts for a Cause), a perfect opportunity is Dogma Debate’s 24-hour Broadcastathon, being held to raise funds for FBB. We’ll be seeing which of the fantastic guests raises the most for FBB during their slot, and BBN teams can join in the fun!

If you’d like to host a Broadcastathon FPP event, the procedure is simple: Take a look at the schedule, and sign up for one of the hour-long slots. First come, first served – a maximum of one team per slot.

Then, hold an event of your choice during your slot, promote it far and wide, and encourage your members and supporters to donate during your chosen hour! Choose an event appropriate for your slot: if it’s early morning, host a breakfast event; if it’s midday, you could choose a picnic; for a nighttime slot, maybe a Toast to a Better World event would go down well. For a really late slot, you could even host a slumber party or midnight feast event.

You can also use your event to raise funds for FBB in your own right. The amount you raise for FBB at your event will be added to the amount raised by the Broadcastathon during your hour – and the team with the overall highest total raised will be automatically bumped up one level!

If you have any questions, contact BBN for more information. Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to a wonderful 2015 with you.