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About GO Humanity Service Teams

Our GO Humanity Service Team program is designed to encourage and assist local organizations groups (GO Teams) to give and organize in their communities.

GO Teams are local teams that are putting compassion into action through community service and charitable fundraising. These teams are located throughout the U.S. and around the world. To date, GO Teams have collectively donated over 227,000 hours of community service (valued at $6.1M), and counting.

GO Humanity assists teams with ideas and tips for service, planning events, and finding existing opportunities for service in their areas. Teams can then submit reports about their events to earn perks like swag stipends, grants, and national recognition.

Teams that are providing services related to GO Humanity's mission of addressing poverty-related causes (including access to food, water, and basic necessities) are encouraged to apply. Individuals looking for volunteer opportunities can connect to local teams, seek advice on starting a team, or get ideas for volunteering as an individual.

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GO Teams put hands and hearts to work every day in local communities.

How Does it Work?

HAPI purchases bread for disbritubion.

HAPI purchases bread for distribution.

GO Teams exist to offer support, visibility, and community to organizations that are working to serve their local communities.

GO Humanity aids groups in researching, planning, and promoting events by providing a range of event guides and networking events. Our online community is available to help brainstorm, troubleshoot, and offer support.

We also provide all kinds of perks, including swag stipends, grants for service projects, and a range of awards. Teams become eligible for these awards by participating in service events and submitting event reports.

Being a part of the GO Humanity Service Teams program means that your team will join a national movement of humans helping humans to build a better world.

Are you an individual interested in volunteering? We will do our best to connect you to a nearby team, offer ideas for how you can find projects on your own, or give you guidance on starting your own team.

GO Team Events - Building Local Power

HAPI distributes bread in Zambales province.

HAPI distributes bread in Zambales province.

A GO Team event is any gathering of your team to work for good, whether by volunteering, raising funds for a good cause, or a combination of the two. 
GO Teams throughout the network participate in a wide variety of events that meet the needs of their own communities — including basic needs distributions; STEM toy drives; community gardens; food rescue; pet food banks; park and highway cleanups; and much more. Each community is unique, and each GO Team finds unique ways to meet those needs locally. It takes many diverse hands to build one (beautiful) world!

The more events a team has during the year, the higher level they reach. Every level comes with eligibility for different and larger perks. Teams can level up by reporting events through their web profile.

For ideas for service events, see the resources page.

Level Up!

GO Teams can earn up to $1,000 in perks per calendar year by submitting event reports to achieve a new GO Teams level.

  • Bronze Level = 4 points
  • Silver Level = 8 points
  • Gold Level = 12 points

Student Teams

Requirements for student teams have been adjusted to 75% in order to fit the shorter timeframe of the academic year.

  • Bronze Level = 3 points
  • Silver Level = 6 points
  • Gold Level = 9 points

**Levels renew on an annual basis. Teams return to Level 0 each January and have the opportunity to level up, with all the associated perks (such as swag stipends and grants) renewing each year.

All GO Teams receive the following benefits:

  • Access to closed Facebook group (for networking and ideas)
  • Profile on GO Humanity website (name, location, website)
  • GO Humanity newsletters
  • Updates and tips from GO Humanity
  • Event promotion on GO Humanity social media before your service event with two weeks notice (as space allows)
  • Vetting of potential volunteer beneficiaries (if requested and available)
  • Personal GO Humanity staff support in major charity initiatives (as requested and available)

Bronze Level

4 pts

  • $250 swag stipend for branded swag like t-shirts, aprons, and hi-vis vests

Silver Level

8 pts

  • $250 grant for service projects
  • Priority in promotion and vetting requests

Gold Level

12 pts

  • $500 grant for service projects
  • Highest priority in promotion and vetting requests
  • Eligibility to apply fo additional grants

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