GO Team Resources

Getting Started

Whether you're a new volunteering team, or a well-established team who's just joined GO Teams, these guides will help you get started in volunteering and bring you up to speed on how to get the most out of your GO Team membership.

Don't forget to use the GO Teams network!

  • Fill out the contact form in your Welcome Packet to be invited to the GO Teams Slack workspace.
  • Go to the GO Teams Facebook page to access tips to pose a question to the other teams.
  • Check out the GO Humanity Blog to see what other teams have been up to.
  • Ask GO Humanity staff for help.

Ideas for Volunteering Events

Stuck for ideas on where to volunteer? In a rut and looking for inspiration? Here are some of GO Humanity's ideas for volunteering events.

Ideas for Fundraising Events

Most service events require at least some money to pull off successfully. Fundraising events can be separate from your service events or sometimes can go hand in hand. Here are some ideas to raise money to increase your impact in your community.

Ideas for Virtual Service and Fundraising Events

Can't gather in person? There are many ways to have fun and have an impact in your community without leaving your home.