Guide: Organize an underwear collection

Collections offer opportunities for everyone in your community to participate. If someone has money and no time, they can make purchases. If someone has time but no money, they can volunteer to organize the collection and send the items. Collections can be done on their own or as part of another event.

What to collect

  • New men’s briefs
  • New boy’s cotton briefs (all sizes)
  •  Girls cotton panties, sizes 4-14

Bulk donations from wholesalers are ideal!

How to collect

There are a few ways to gather the items. It all depends on what works best for your and/or your volunteers.

  • Choose a location, day, and timeframe for drop-offs, and encourage people to bring donations during that time
  •  If you have other events, tell people they can bring donations to them
  • Have people order the items to be shipped to us. (See the Amazon instructions below.)

Where to send

GO Team Fanm Viktim organizes mutual aid efforts in Southern Haiti

Items will be distributed through two grassroots mutual aid groups in southern Haiti: MOJELIPH (Youth Freethought Movement in Haiti) and Fanm Viktim of Kay Lako. The items should be shipped to their US fiscal sponsor:

The Nonprofit Industrial Complex 216 Timbercove Circle, Longwood FL 32779.

With many items becoming too difficult to purchase in Haiti, this partner organization will be gathering supplies to ship as cargo.

Amazon Option

Don’t want to deal with shipping yourself? Buy these items on our Amazon wishlist at Make sure people tell you about it so you know the full impact of your collection!

At checkout, people can also select the option saying the purchase is a gift, then leave a note saying the donation came through your team.

Spread the word

Send emails. Post on social media. Make announcements at your other events.


Use Facebook events, Meetup, Eventbrite, Yelp, or others to let people know

what you’re doing for Secular Week of Action. Also check your local newspaper online to see if they have an event calendar that allows submissions.

Make sure to list your event at and we’ll promote it on our channels! This can be a way for people to find your event as well.

Use #WeekOfAction #SecularWeekOfAction, #SecularAction, and #SecularValues.

Gather data

Keep track of how many donations you pulled in, and by how many people. Let us know the results and we’ll publicize them!

Fun fundraiser ideas

You can always just raise the money and use it to buy the items needed. Use one of these concepts to hook people in.

Follow Up

After you’ve completed your event, share pictures, fundraising numbers, and other markers of success on social media and in follow-up emails to reporters. Don’t forget to tag Secular Week of Action on Facebook so we can help celebrate your accomplishments and brag on your efforts. And use those hashtags! #SecularAction #WeekOfAction and #SecularValues

Sample social posts 

Struggling families in #Haiti tent camps are asking for underwear! Help us cover their butts for Secular #WeekOfAction. [EVENT INFO HERE] #SecularAction #SecularValues

Violence is disrupting Haiti’s supply chain. Families are having a hard time getting the most essential items. For Secular #WeekOfAction, we’re collecting something families there are asking for.  [EVENT INFO HERE] #SecularAction #SecularValues

Kidnapping-for-ransom schemes are leaving families in #Haiti without savings. They’re asking for help with essential items, and we’re going to deliver it for Secular #WeekOfAction! [EVENT INFO HERE] #SecularAction #SecularValues

All over the country, secular communities are organizing service events to build a better world from the grassroots up. Join our service event for Secular #WeekOfAction: [EVENT INFO HERE] #SecularAction #SecularValues

We won’t be praying to a Higher Power on National Day of Prayer — we’re showing up with People Power to make a difference globally: [EVENT LINK HERE] #WeekOfAction #SecularAction #SecularValues

Pictures and video:

Include event info, etc., in the text of your post!

Facebook event cover:

Facebook fundraiser cover: