Food Security Project

About the Food Security Project

The Food Security Project was launched in May 2021 to address food insecurity through localized efforts and widespread impact. Food insecurity is described as "a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy lifestyle." Recently, after decades of progress, there was a sudden and rapid rise in global food insecurity — affecting 42 million Americans and 690 million people around the world. In the U.S. alone, food insecurity more than doubled, affecting almost 1 in 4 families.

Through the Food Security Project, GO Humanity awards monthly grants to local service teams that provide solutions. Solutions may range from meal giveaways, grocery deliveries, food rescue, community gardens, and more. Teams become eligible for grants by submitting monthly event reports.

*Teams have up to ten days after month end to submit their monthly event report(s).

How is GO Humanity's Program Different?

GO Humanity provides a unique solution:

  • Consistent funding through monthly grants
  • Support for local volunteer teams with limited funding options
  • Emphasis on community-led initiatives
  • Focus on historically underserved communities
  • Holistic solutions that address both immediate need and long-term sustainability

Austin AHH distributes food at a monthly giveaway.

Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless distributes food at a monthly giveaway.

Pilot Program

Participating Teams

The project is currently in its second pilot phase, with ten powerhouse Go Humanity Service Teams participating:

  1. Humanists of Polk County (ACPC) participates in 8 to 12 food security events every month. Their programs include "It Takes a Village (ITAV)," which is a novel food pantry and a partnership with Street Warriors to prepare and deliver meals.
  2. Atheists United (AU) partners with the Los Angeles Food Bank to distribute thousands of pounds of food every month. In the past year, they have expanded to include pet food and other necessities at their distribution events.
  3. Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless (Austin AHH) works with unhoused people. They support between 250 to 300 individuals with food and other necessities every month.
  4. Austin Humanists at Work (ATXHAW) supports 225 to 250 people through a monthly food giveaway. With COVID, they added four monthly EAT distributions in the form of 15-pound bags of shelf-stable foods, feeding an additional 100 people.
  5. Houston Freethought Oasis is partnered with HOPE Houston to add a food component to current monthly clothing distributions.
  6. Humanist Association Philippines, International runs HAPI Kids Nutrition Camp, which provides kids in Alabang with hot meals and educational opportunities.
  7. Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix (HSGP) started serving and preparing food in 2020. In 2021, they launched weekly food giveaway events.
  8. Humanists of Tallahassee participates in a food giveaway organized by the local Trinity Church. With their inclusion in the Food Security Project, Humanists of Tallahassee will become a reliable source of supplies for the giveaway and help expand it to more locations.
  9. Kenya Humanist Alliance supports orphans and girls rescued from forced marriage by consistently funding their food and agriculture needs.
  10. North Orlando Oasis partners with area nonprofit, Connecting Care Kitchens, to buy excess produce from local organic farms and deliver it to shelters. They have also launched a Mutual Aid Garden Club to support food independence in local food deserts. 

With phase two, we invited four teams from our Compassionate Impact Grant 2021 Grantee, Food Rescue Alliance, to participate:

  1. 360 Eats in Tampa, Florida. Their programs include mobile food rescue, a mobile gourmet soup kitchen, sustainable catering services, and a compost initiative that works to bridge the gaps between food waste, food insecurity, and sustainability.
  2. CAFE Food Rescue in Summit County, Colorado, which redirects food surplus away from landfills and into the hands of those who will consume it.
  3. CORMII Community Development Corporation in Reidsville, North Carolina, which has an annual year-long campaign providing food and other essentials to those in need. They do this with a calendar of themed monthly collection/giveaway programs.
  4. The Food Drive in Massachusetts, which provides hands-on, hyperlocal solutions to food insecurity and food waste by distributing rescued, surplus, and donated food to neighbors in need.

Future Rollout

Following the pilot phase, all GO Teams will become eligible for grants. GO Humanity will also be rolling out more perks such as additional grants, partnership opportunities, and more.

*Teams must address hunger and food insecurity in order to be eligible for monthly grants.

ACPC delivers food during an event.

Atheist Community of Polk County delivers food during an event.

How Can You Help?

Partner with Us

Are you an organization (or individual) that is also working to address hunger and food insecurity? Work with us!

There are nearly 100 GO Teams across the United States and the world. We know that with shared planning and resources, we can do more - locally and globally.

To discuss partnerships, send an email, or schedule a call.

Sponsor a Team

Sponsor a GO Team for $100/month. Your generosity will help the team pay for both startup and fixed costs such as permits, table setups, U-hauls, storage lockers, and more as related to food distribution.

Your contribution will also help teams to keep their stockpiles filled by paying for food, water, and other necessities that are requested by the communities they serve.

Help out Communities

Help feed individuals, families, and communities by giving whatever you can. Every dollar counts, and your contribution has a direct impact on people, families, and communities in need. Find out what your donation can do below:


  • Feed 10 People
  • or
  • Feed 1 Family For A Week


  • Feed 50 People
  • or
  • Feed 1 Family For A Month


  • Feed 100 People
  • or
  • Feed 2 Families For A Month

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