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The mission of Atheists Helping the Homeless, DC (AHHDC) is to help people experiencing homelessness in Washington DC and nearby areas by making life easier. Our goals, as atheists, are to help our community, to give to those who wish to have our help, to learn, and to respect ourselves by respecting others. We are citizens. We want to help, to encourage, to guide, to learn, and to receive. We have ethics to guide us. We have moral compasses. We are your neighbors and family.

We are not only atheists, some of our members are Hindus, agnostics, free thinkers, and even nondenominational Christians.  Our goals, are to help our community, to give to those who wish to have our help, to learn and respect ourselves by respecting others.

Imagine you live on the street, maybe you have a tent or maybe not.  Maybe you live out of your car or a shelter. You’ve got very little space and you might need to carry many of your belongings with you so they don’t get lost. You need items that you can carry with you throughout your day as you walk.

Our methods are straightforward. Through donations, we collect simple items that people experiencing homelessness might need, carryable materials. We distribute light-weight toiletries and small items (Hygeine Kits) for people who walk everywhere they go: nail clippers, toothbrushes and toothpaste, small flashlights, soap, and socks, etc. In winter we provide gloves and pull-over hats.



Hygiene Packaging Event, August 6, 2022

08/06/2022 10:00am See Details

Distribution Event, July 10, 2022, Silver Springs MD

07/10/2022 9:00am See Details